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Committed to Preserving the Arlington Community

Meet Alton

Integrity  |  Reliability  |  Community 

Alton McGriff,Jr., a Democrat, was born in Jacksonville, Florida with a heart of servitude. Alton attended First Coast High School and completed his high school education through an academy that was located in Florida State College at Jacksonville.


Alton is an avid family man and provider. His greatest accomplishment is being the father to three adventurous boys, one energetic and beautiful daughter, and husband to an extraordinary, supportive wife, Teresa McGriff.

Alton McGriff Jr. is an experienced entrepreneur, successful Licensed Realtor, dedicated public servant, and powerful public speaker. Underneath it all, Alton is an everyday, down-to-earth person. He understands the challenges that accompany achieving the American Dream and how to push past discrimination, malicious acts, and injustice to accomplish goals and provoke change.


As an influential leader within his community, he has faced many obstacles that left an imprint on his heart that motivated him to fight for change and become a trailblazer in creating opportunities for other individuals.
After transitioning from the Automotive Industry at the young age of 37, Alton’s passion for the community was seen in all facets of his professional career, public service, and his day-to-day life. Alton is passionate about service and advocating for the Greater Arlington area. His mission is to build a connected, inclusive, and responsible community.  


Having spent the last two decades serving the community via professional and service organizations, and as a resident, Alton is committed to his community being revitalized and strengthened.

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