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With a deeply-rooted commitment to public service, I’m eager to run to be your next City Councilman for District 1 and make our community safer and better. Together we can create living wage jobs, uplift our schools, fight for gun control on the streets - all while finding creative solutions that get results. My extensive experience in working with diverse individuals will add value as we pursue these goals together!
Living Wage Employment

Every hardworking individual should be able to make a living wage. As your next City Councilman, I pledge to create an environment conducive to dignified employment with salaries that will enable our citizens and their families the chance at stability they deserve.

Affordable & Accessible Housing

I am committed to opening doors to safe housing options for all members of our community. Having a roof over your head should be more than just a dream - it's essential! It affects physical and mental well-being as well as safety in countless ways - this is why fighting for accessible housing as my top priority when elected.

Crime Reduction

We need a comprehensive approach that addresses the root causes of crime and offers brighter prospects than what street gangs can provide. We especially need to provide our youth with new opportunities for success — a more positive path away from criminal activity. Without action, we risk continuing this cycle of violence indefinitely - let's break it together!


To combat the rising demand for quality healthcare and make it more accessible, I will collaborate and work with my colleagues to develop initiatives to inform people about existing options. Together, we can forge a better future and ensure greater healthcare accessibility in terms of affordability, and quality is within reach for all in Jacksonville!


As your next City Councilman, I'm committed to making Jacksonville an even better place for all. From investing in critical infrastructure improvements throughout our district to attracting top employers and creating a sense of pride within the community, together we will contribute towards building something amazing!

Children & Youth Support

I believe our greatest opportunity to change the fabric of our community is by making meaningful investments in the next generation. I will fight to open doors of opportunity for our children and youth through improved education, apprenticeships and employment. Together we can help them build brighter futures and know that we’re leaving Jacksonville in capable hands!

We Need Your Support Today!

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