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The Change

Jacksonville Needs

"My pledge is simple – I will fight for safer communities, improved infrastructure, and create more opportunities for small business owners and veterans. I will fight for you!"

 Alton McGriff, Jr.,Candidate Jacksonville City Council District 1


Alton McGriff Jr. , Candidate for City Council District 1 clarifies his Educational Achievements

Jacksonville, FL – March 9, 2023 – Alton McGriff Jr. , Candidate for City Council District 1, wants to set the record straight regarding his educational achievements. Contrary to recent reports, he did not intentionally deceive the public about his credentials. An unofficial draft was mistakenly used on the website and other materials, leading to incorrect information being published.

Once my team and I became aware of the error, we took immediate action to correct the information on our website. Alton McGriff Jr. would like to extend his sincere apologies for any harm or confusion that may have been caused by this oversight. However, he is determined to move forward and focus on the issues that matter most to the people in District 1.

As a candidate for City Council District 1, Alton McGriff Jr. remains committed to fighting for the community's best interests. He believes in preserving the Arlington area's unique character and promoting economic growth that benefits everyone, regardless of their background or circumstance.

Alton McGriff
Consensus Choice
for District 1

Alton McGriff, Jr. is the best choice for City Council. As a husband, entrepreneur, man of faith as well as a community advocate – he is familiar with the community-wide concerns and invested in the future of Jacksonville.


Alton works with a wide range of individuals and has the key values necessary to make Jacksonville a better place for everyone. He is 100% committed to making lasting changes in our communities, schools and to help build a better Jacksonville.

Under Alton’s leadership, Jacksonville can expect to see positive changes that will truly benefit the city in numerous ways. He is a leader who recognizes the need for growth and improvement in his community, making him the ideal candidate for City Council District 1.

Alton is what Jacksonville needs - an effective leader who will put people first at every decision-making table. With his commitment to serve all, Alton McGriff Jr. stands out from other candidates as the clear choice for Jacksonville City Council.

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